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Waking up in the morning for many of us is a difficult task that requires a lot of strength and unbending will. Knowing about these problems, we created for you Awakener - the best app for an alarm clock that will allow you to wake up easily and with pleasure. Softly and gently wake you up in the morning, or hard and effectively wrest you from the dream world into reality.

Our alarm clock is universal, it can be used to wake up in the morning, and for a reminder of an important meeting, or that it is time to leave the house. Download Awakener for free now and use all the functionality to create comfortable and ideal conditions for Awakening.

Also it have some useful functions that interrupt snoozing and get you out of bed.

Awakener is more than a simple alarm clock. It's highly customizable and allows you to wake up in a way that works for you and even helps you sleep better:

✔ Choose one of 4 special melodies

✔ Choose your own level of loud and vibration

✔ Choose the way to disarm alarm, that Awaken your surely

To wake you up at once, Awakener is equipped with special functions that do not allow you to turn off the alarm with a single tap. It will ring until you make one of the actions you selected.

Choose for yourself one of the following actions to disable the call:

Solve the math problem<

This will inevitably wake your brain and make you start thinking straight from the morning. Such brain training is useful not only to wake up, but also to become really clever!

Assemble the puzzle

Everyone loves puzzles! They are pleasant, beautiful, and are easy to solve by everyone. So why not start your day straight from the assembly of a small puzzle? This will allow you to softly and pleasantly wake up and at the same time enjoy a small puzzle.


This is a wonderful function using the gyro function in your phone. To disable the alarm, you need to shake your phone. But all is not so simple. Each movement will be filling a small container with liquid, reflected on the screen. Shake harder, because the alarm goes off only when the container is completely full!

Do not be sleepy! Use Awakener for easily wake-up in the morning. Rise and shine with pleasure, and be always happy, Even in the morning!

From the development team:

We always strive to develop and improve our applications and are happy to hear from users not only the opinion, but also the wishes.

If you have a suggestion or you would like to see some particular function in our alarm clock, be sure to put us 5★ and write a comment with a wish. We will take it into account in the development in the future and try to make Awakener even better!

Also, please do not pass by all users and give us 5★ directly from you. This helps us and motivates us to work faster and better.

<b>When this app get 2000 positive ratings, we will add the following functions: </b>

☞ Music –What can be better, than rising with the favorite melody? Choose one of yours or make the playlist

☞ Loudness boost –alarm volume will be ramping up

☞ Melody randomizer - you never know what song will wake you up

☞ Alarm with countdown timer

☞ Changeable number of snoozes

☞ Auto snoozing & Auto dismissing

☞ And much more!


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